• No contract!!!
  • Local discounted delivery rates starting at $75 per hour, no minimum, for 2 seasoned professional movers and a 16' truck.
  • Guaranteed same or next day delivery. No later unless requested. Consumers want it now! Salesman want it sold!
  • 15 Minutes of free moving every time we stop in, generally to replace the items we took.
  • Complete store re-arranging 1 day a month for our regular and top producing stores.
  • We provide FREE storage for all Nationwide deliveries until they ship. Call for quick quote while your with your customer. 50% at pick-up / 50% at delivery. Delivery in 1 week to 90 days depending on location – FREE storage.
  • If we do your deliveries there is no more moving liability, workman's comp., auto insurance, truck payments, truck maintenance, fuel, etc. Let us take the headaches, costs, and liabilities completely away from your business. 
  • We send our clients to you when they are downsizing or selling.
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