Specialty Items
We have a variety of seasoned moving professionals that enjoy and take pride in their own select specialties besides standard moving techniques. They are ready to assist you with these “not-so-common” items on a relocation.
  • Pianos (Concert Grands, Grands, Baby Grands, Uprights, Players, Electronic, Organs, Antiques, etc.)
  • Safes (Gun, Money, Wall, Document, Industrial, Office, Retail, Electronic, Over-sized)
  • Clocks (Grand Father, Grand Mother, Art, Wall, Table, Antique, etc,)
  • Pictures, Paintings, Mirrors
  • Beds (Standard, Canopy, Bookcase, Over-sized, Custom, Bunks, Mechanical, Medical, Opium, etc.)
  • Mattresses (Standard Temper, Lay Flats, Medical, etc.)
  • Statues
  • Conference Tables
  • Large Glass
  • Partitions
  • Cubicles
  • Golf Carts
  • Small Boats (John, Kayak, Canoes, Boards, etc.)
  • Swing Sets & Trampolines
  • Restaurant Equipment and Commercial Appliances
  • Authorized Frigidaire Mover
  • Potted Trees & Plants
  • Light Industrial Equipment
  • Engines
  • Small Aircraft
  • Motorcycles & Mopeds
  • Chronological Moving of Excessive Files
  • Hot Tubs
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