Packing Yourself
We never suggest this simply because insurance companies DO NOT cover moving companies for “customer packed boxes”. We are more than happy to move your packed boxes. I would however entertain the idea of having us at least pack your fragile items only if a full home pack is not in your budget.
  • Movers are responsible for any external damage that causes internal damage to your items no matter if you pack them or we do. External damage does not include boxes caving in from dead air space, from improper packing, when stacked and transported.
  • Bubble wrap is a waste of your time an money. We will show you how to professionally paper pack.
  • Peanuts are costly and create a huge mess.
  • Never use newspaper. This was acceptable in the past but can no longer be used for packing purposes. We have seen the inks they use now even permanently embed themselves in glass. PERMANENTLY. Bad idea. You will destroy your items.
  • Use professional packing paper!!!
  • We obviously know what size moving kit you need. Go to our packing materials section and pick a kit with FREE delivery. We have been moving in and out of homes and businesses 364 days a year, we have come up with the average size kits based on our experience.
  • Wardrobe service is always FREE to our FLAT RATE NOT TO EXCEED full move clients.
  • Fill your boxes!!!! Fill them to the top!!!! Dead air space causes implosion upon stacking. Weight is not an issue to a mover. Fill them please.
  • Label boxes on top and 1 side with the room and the piece they are going into. We stage them after staging your furniture.
  • Vertical file cabinets can be moved with an appliance dolly like your refrigerator. Laterals cannot. They do not fit through doors and will bend in the middle. They must be emptied.
  • HARD ITEMS OUT – SOFT ITEMS IN!!! That's all you need to know when packing yourself. Folded clothes, linens, socks, underwear, towels, etc. can all stay in cabinets and drawers. All hard items must be removed.
  • We are your mover. No need to lift a box. Leave them all over the house right where they lay. Loading a truck professionally is an art. We need to be able to pick and choose different weight, size, and shape boxes through out the loading process. Stacking them all in a corner of the garage will only creates delays.
  • Please limit yourself on open boxes. We understand that you will occasionally have things that protrude from the top. We cannot stack on these open boxes so please limit yourself to 10-12 open boxes.
  • Do not inter-fold tops and bottoms of boxes. They will interlock with other boxes when stacked. Tops and bottoms of boxes should be flat like its sides when taped shut.
  • Even if it's the last day before you move, if you ever run into a problem or emergency and need packing assistance, we can provide 2 or more men for you at our regular hourly delivery rates to assist you at any time. I do apologize though, our carrier does not cover us for assisting you with packing and using your materials. The boxes we pack when assisting you will be considered “customer packed boxes” by our insurance company.
  • If we do a full pack and move for you, there is nothing that you have to do at all accept open your door on your scheduled pack and move day. We pack the day before your move. You can keep your house the way you like it until that time.
  • Our packing materials are much stronger, more durable, and easier to use then most retailers.
  • We recycle and will pick up your boxes FREE of charge after your move.
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