Professional Packing
Customer packed boxes are not covered under ANY movers policy. Protect yourself. Our seasoned professional packers will come in the day before the move and take care of EVERYTHING. If you have a full pack and move with our company, there is nothing left for you to do but wait for your move date. Unpacking is always available as well. Expect great discounts on these services if your handicap prevents you from packing or unpacking yourself. We have compassion for our clients.
  • If it's not in your moving budget to have the whole house professionally pack, get a price for the “FRAGILE” items only. This covers all glass, ceramics, paintings, mirrors, china, dishes, glasses, statues, candles, etc. (Example: You pack your pots and pans, we pack the glass lids).
  • When packing yourself, its easy to remember, SOFT ITEMS IN – HARD ITEMS OUT!!! Fill your drawers with folded clothes, linens, blankets, hats, etc. , weight is not an issue for a mover. Hard items must come out. Even in a nightstand, we may flip one on top of the other, blanket wrapped in the truck, and hard items like pens and change can fall in and behind drawers and do damage.
  • See our packing materials page to purchase a packing kit based on the size of your home and delivery is always FREE with purchase.
  • Call us when your done with your used boxes and we will gladly pick them up and recycle by re-using them for the less fortunate who cannot afford new boxes.
  • Fill boxes to the top. Dead air space causes boxes to collapse when stacked.
  • We understand that tall items pay protrude from open boxes. Please limit open boxes up to 10. We obviously cannot stack on them, they have to be “top load” only and top load is limited.
  • Please keep all jewelry and cash in your possession. In most moving scenarios, there are other inspectors, realtors, house cleaners, and contractors in and out and we prefer not to be responsible for anyone elses wrong doings. Our professionals are paid and treated extremely well, we do thorough background checks into previous employment and criminal records, and we get to know them personally as well as their families. They don't need or want anything that belongs to our clients.
  • Keep your personal papers that you may need access to with you as well. They may be difficult to find later if their packed away.
  • Packers will pack EVERYTHING!!!! Keep your cable boxes that need to be returned, remotes, keys, and anything else you may want left unpacked in your car.
  • Picture & mirror packing is performed by wrapping each piece in a heavy duty padded brown paper then placed in a heavy duty cardboard container consisting of 4 separate corners that enclose to meet and size piece. Pad wrapping is sufficient for inexpensive pictures or any picture protected by glass. Mirrors can be blanket wrapped as well. Crating is always available.
  • We appreciate garbage bags!!! Soft items only!!! This helps us in securing and tightening your load.
  • We blanket wrap everything that's not in a cardboard box. We bag mattresses. We shrink wrap furniture.
  • Picture & mirror hanging is available any time.
  • If you pack yourself, leave your boxes where they lay. Were your mover, why move them? We actually prefer you don't, We need to grab different size and weight boxes to load the truck properly, throughout your move, and we cannot do that if they are all piled in a corner.
  • Do not block hallways and doorways with boxes or furniture.
  • Wardrobe service is FREE on all of our FLAT RATE moves.
  • We use “dish packs” for your fragile items. These boxes consist of a much heavier grade of cardboard.
  • Seasoned professional packers only use professional packing paper. Bubble wrap is a waste of time and money. Peanuts as well. Our packing paper is not what you find in the box stores. Ours is a much higher grade and larger in size. You only need 1 sheet to their 3. We sell ours at $1 per pound.
  • NEVER use newspaper when packing!!! This is a thing of the past. Newspapers ink nowadays will stain everything. We have seen it permanently embed itself in glass. Permanently.
  • Money saving tip: If you have access to your new home, and its within an hour drive, buy just enough plastic bins that fit in your car and save on boxes by making trips. Your most likely making trips for other reasons if you have early access, bring some things with you.
  • Don't be shy or afraid to ask us to show you how to professionally pack if you are going to do it yourself. We can get you up to speed. This is what we do for a living.
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