Long Distance Residential Moving
We Move Nationwide
  • This page is in addition to HOME MOVES.
  • We use 24-26' box trucks for out of state deliveries. We do not use 42' semi's for the simple fact that they are not allowed in most communities, down certain streets, under some local bridges, and rarely can make it down winding driveways. You will almost always end up having additional charges for shuttle service to your door. That is why we use our local 24' to 26' box trucks.
  • We are only allowed to drive 10 hours per day by federal law.
  • Our trucks hold approximately 10,000 lbs. of furniture professionally loaded.
  • We only send managers with the most experience out of town.
  • Wardrobe service and electronics disconnect and reconnect are always FREE services.
  • We are not responsible for delays that are out of our control such as traffic, weather, construction, etc.
  • Moves are 50/50. 50% at pick up and final 50% at destination - 10% original deposit.
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