Discounts & Specials
10% Discount on flat ratefull moves when your referred by your Realtor. If your Realtor is not referring us, suggest they visit our  REALTOR ONLY  section of our website.
5% Discount when quote is requested through Angie's List, Home Adviser, or BBB on flat rate full moves.
5% Discount for AAA members, widows, and single mothers on flat rate full moves.
$75 per hour for deliveries, compared to $85, when the store you shop at refers us to it's clients. Send a store to us that we do not do business with and your delivery will be FREE. Have them review the  STORE OWNER  information on our website. Have the store owner or manager contact us and we will bring them business cards to get started.
We provide a gift, based on the size of the relocation, to any employee that sends their company in our direction. See the BUISNESS MOVES  section of our website.
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