Local Delivery
  • Please see our RATES  for current pricing.
  • No fuel surcharge. No maintenance surcharge. No additional tax. No additional weight, size, or shape charge. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!!!
  • Gratuity is not necessary but greatly appreciated.
  • Call guard gate or building manager if you live in a gated community or high rise so we have easy access and you don't occur additional delays.
  • Movers will do ALL that you ask and they are capable of. Your on an hourly rate.
  • Standard city dump run for garbage is $120.00 plus labor.
  • We do not offer flat rates for deliveries due to the fact that there are many situations that can cause delays that are out of our control. Examples: Loading docks busy, other movers on site, waiting for store assistance, traffic, weather, construction, etc.
  • We do use advanced GPS systems that constantly re-route us in the fastest direction.
  • You are fully responsible for the size of the furniture we are picking up. Make sure you took your measurements and know that the piece will fit. Keep doorways, elevators, stairwells, and ceilings in mind when measuring.
  • We have resources for you if you need furniture fabricated to fit In most cases we can take over sized furniture, have it shortened by a professional and re-fabricated in the home after we deliver the pieces.
  • We will inspect the furniture for you thoroughly at the pick up and notify you if we find any damage before we remove the piece or pieces.
  • Please clearly provide any and all details needed to perform a fast and efficient delivery. Clear names, gate codes, pick-up contact persons name, clear address and phone numbers are all ways to reduce your time.
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